Anuloma Vilomar

The practice of Anuloma Vilomar facilitates balanced breathing flow by both nostrils, this is because throughout the day you may notice that one nostril is more clogged than the other, and that this varies depending on what time to check it.

Approximately every four hours this process is reversed, ie there will be times that your breathing is more fluid in the left nostril and others that will be on the right.

The flow of respiration through the left the nostril is connected with the right side of our brain and vice versa. But there are times, due to many factors external or internal changes this naturally becomes deregulated, which means that our brain is not oxygenated as it should be.

This alteration of breathing many times is a result of stress, when we are troubled our breathing becomes less impoverished and more profound so that it becomes accelerated.

Thus the practice of Anuloma Vilomar, gets these cycles of breathing regulated, as well as breathing in a way that we do it consciously and slowly, to succeed in making increasingly deep and rich oxygenation beneficial to our bodies.

A deep breathing and heightened conscious, allows us to restore the state of stillness in our minds and our nervous system will enhance proper oxygenation of our entire body through the bloodstream. It will also make sure that our nervous system is more balanced and serene, benefiting many aspects of our daily lives.

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