Benefits of yoga in everyday life

You may seek the benefits of yoga on a physical and emotional level, but it also has a benefit that often people do not have in mind when they think of yoga, but it is still very important. The practice of yoga, as well as giving all those attributes that are well known, can also give many helpful benefits in everyday life that do not necessarily belong to the field of yoga.

I will tell you an experience that one of my students had this week.

He is a software programmer and this week he began to teach a computer course for adults and on the first day he came to class. And as he had not been given a programme of what he had to teach he prepared his own work.

But of course when he came into class he met 14 students who had never studied the subject. He began to think that surely on the first day 4 hours of new information would be an ordeal for them and quite difficult for him.

But he was so incredibly active and enthusiastic for 4 hours that, when he finished explaining, he realized that the class had been so enjoyable that the students didn't show any signs of boredom.

You may think what does this have to do with yoga?

Well, I have given yoga classes for several years, and I was able to communicate with my new students with complete security and confidence in what I knew and could teach them while they conveyed the assurance that they too could learn. When I compare that to the first yoga class I gave in a trembling voice, with a dry throat, and I felt nervous because all the students looked imitated and I was totally conscious of all my gestures and movements and when I finished after the hour and a half, I had spent so much that it seemed that I had been hit by a truck.

Now because of years of yoga practice I can move into other worlds new to me with calm and confidence as well as physical and mental fitness, this is a side benefit of yoga that surpasses the regular perceived benefits of exercise.

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