Yoga, Anuloma Vilomar and Breathing

In yoga, as you possible already know, there are many different types of breathing, and each has a specific purpose, and therefore is also designed for use in some specific situations.

One is the so-called Anuloma Vilomar, or alternate breathing.

To practise this technique you must always bear in mind that the position of your body should always be comfortable, and that your back is upright, with not to much compressing the abdomen and also allowing the flow of the breathing, it can practiced sitting, or lying on the floor, or even sitting in a chair.

There is always use of the right hand to plug the nostrils and the fingers are placed as follows:

The index and middle finger are bent toward the palm. With the thumb, tap the right nostril and the little finger and then tap the left nostril, this is accompanied by a cycle of inspiration and exhalation, you will be more comfortable as your practice progresses.

At the beginning there is often the tension in the right shoulder, so pay attention to it so as not to disrupt your relaxation, it is also common that when you close one of the nostrils you may do it excessively pushing toward the opposite side, thus displacing the other nostril and closing the airway.

So do rush this exercise, ensure that the position of your body is not tense and then this practice will be far more beneficial.

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