Yoga and pregnant women

When you're pregnant you may wonder if it is practical to practice Yoga?

Well, yes you can but you must take into account before you begin that there are some issues that are critical to your health and that of your baby.

Yoga will help facilitate childbirth, as it will help you to learn to breathe properly, it also allows you to have a special communication with your body which is changing, and with your baby.

If you believe that you are pregnant, the first thing you should know is that if before your pregnancy you had never practiced yoga, you must wait until the third month of pregnancy to begin with practice.

But also when you are past this period must begin in a special class for beginners, and if it is exclusive to pregnant mothers that is even better, because then the group will be more homogeneous and exercises are equally suited for all.

Asanas that will need to be modified as a general practice because of your status, since it is imperative that there are no limits or any attempt to compress the space that the foetus is occupying.

There are asana that you should not practise, but in general practice it will greatly encourage you and enable you to maintain a level of fitness and be flexible and agile, this will help you in many ways throughout the pregnancy.

Do not start practicing yoga on your own if you have not performed it before, you must begin practice with the guidance of a teacher, since they will be able to guide you with the necessary modifications tailored to your state.

Learning of a proper breathing and relaxation regime will be enormously positive for you and for your baby.

It is highly desirable that practice abdominal breathing, which will facilitate your improved oxygenation and therefore also your baby’s well being.

It is also very important that we learn to relax, because this relaxation will also be transmitted to your baby, and relaxation will also provide you at the time of the birth with less tension both emotionally and physically.

So once they have gone through the first three months of pregnancy, you can start looking for a teacher. And then without fear, but with a little caution, you can start yoga to assist you through the rest of the pregnancy and beyond.

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