Yoga, the fish position

Matsyasana is an ideal position for opening the entire rib cage providing you can make a complete breath.

In this Asan we are opening up the chest, expanding it, and it also has an impact on mood, allowing your chest to expand allows more oxygen to flow to the brain.

Like all asana has its contraindications, so take your time when moving your head back, you may notice a slight discomfort in the cervical area.

Do not let your neck totally compress, keep supporting extended only area of the crown of your head, but leaving room for your neck.

If you have any discomfort in your lower back, you can vary the movement, and perform it with the legs bent or cross-legged, the position should be comfortable but you have to rectify it and adjust it to your anatomy and capabilities.

This position can also be performed if you are pregnant without any risk to the baby.

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