What is the point of Yoga

What is yoga to you?

There is no single definition of what Yoga is, but we could say that yoga is to unite what was divided, or splintered off. For us to unite body and mind is an important first step to reach this mystical union of well being in body and mind.

Some people would say that yoga is a religion.

It is not a religion but it could be an almost 'religious' experience. Whenever there is a yearning to connect with something larger than ones self, there could be said to be a religious element. When one tries to respond to suffering within ones self or in others, there are also religious like feelings.

You could also say that where the positions and breathing that happen in Yoga produce a euphoric feeling of well being. Exercising the body and breathing is performed because we are aiming to achieve a 'religious' 'drug like' 'euphoric' state of mind and body.

Would you say that it is necessary to make these complicated postures to calm the mind?

Of course not, it is stupid to keep your feet around your ears or your nose to your knees in principle because these acrobatic contortions are not necessary for life. What is important is the work of rooting, verticality, flexibility and tone, amplitude of movement and balance we achieve with asanas. But this can be achieved with simple postures reachable from the majority of people without being a 'super fit' yoga worshiper.

There are those who want to create an elite element within Yoga. While it is true that yoga techniques of a more extreme nature are suitable only for the initiated, it is also true that 'easy' movements and breathing can be highly beneficial to many people.

Do you want to be part of a Yoga western fashion that is the cult of the body?

It is possible because everyone does yoga for its ideology and for their physical and mental needs. But it is important to understand that the heart of Hatha Yoga is tantric, and Tantra tells us that the body is sacred. We should not deny it but raise it to its highest expression.

And this freedom that we give the body from abject acceptance is denied and maligned many times from one way of doing yoga that imposes a new shell to the body, a new model for us to imitate.

The whole world does yoga to feel good, to alleviate physical problems, against insomnia, mental health etc. So is yoga therapy?

Yoga is a way of seeing a different way of approaching life, a philosophy and mysticism, but it is not a therapy. Of course, you said that Yoga assists the long walk along the spiritual path. You have to have a healthy body and a stable mind if you want to connect with the ecstatic experience, experience arroba, intimate connection with one's own being.

So, Yoga is not a therapy but it is still therapeutic. We can even enhance yoga therapy strictly as a healing technique used by doctors or psychologists, but we do not need to confuse the practice of Yoga as a practice in the art of living in harmony with oneself and with the world.

How does this fit in with meditation?

Meditation is the heart of yoga; moreover, it is aimed at supporting the meditative posture. Asana and Pranayama are preparing Dhyana, the ability to merge with the object of meditation, something like connecting with the full potential of another being which was asleep inside us.

Some people have surprising experiences when meditating: colors, displays, sounds, symbols appear seemingly magically. How important is this?

It has a relative importance; it may even be more of interference in the same way that it can be an advantage. The important thing in meditation is to see 'colorful' but not dig into what it is, see what the motivations are deep inside as we move to do this or that, faced with suffering, to recognize our own shadow, also recognize the ability to calm down, see clearly.

That is, to meditate and make us more of a whole person and to stop being isolated although this involves trying to understand the world we live with the miseries and its injustices.

You mean then that the Yoga involves a commitment to the world and not to be withdrawn but remain in high peaks of the spiritual?

Yes. We must be deeply involved in the world but without being dragged down by its problems while focusing on the self.

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